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Human Design Specialist, Quantum Alignment PRACTITIONER, Nutritionist, Author and Speaker

Find your Truth.

Tell Your Story.

I always was lucky. Having an inbuilt curiosity and adventure compass, I always ended up on the most wondrous (mis-)adventures (indeed I have wondered how I made it to adulthood alive).  It was a result of my curious wanderings that led me to all that I am now.

Speaker & Author. Scientist & Researcher. Nutritionist & Breastfeeding Counsellor. Human Design Specialist & Quantum Alignment Practitioner.

 I’m Michelle Fitzmaurice, a deep-mind explorer, writer, coach, and ex-fire dancer living in a small bush-beach suburb of Sydney, with my Hubby and two sons.  I’ve had to give up everything everyone thought I should be, so I could finally see, and be everything I always was!

On my own adventure to discover and navigate the story of who I am, I found that other people were looking to me for guidance. People were actually crossing the street to speak to me – strangers I didn’t know.  Straight up – it has taken me quite a few years (and a heap of my own personal development work) to accept my purpose as a role model, teacher and coach. 

My “normal days” (if those are even a thing) consist of chasing the tiny two out to school and hubby to work. Once they have left the cave I spend my days helping others get out of their heads and back into their bodies. I use tools such as Human Design, Quantum Alignment, Emotional Freedom Technique in addition to nutrition and lifestyle coaching.



Sometimes you need to get a bit lost to find yourself – but that’s where most of the fun is!

– Michelle Fitzmaurice

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