As a mum, I often said as my children were small that I wished I had an instruction manual for them. Something that could tell me the do’s and don’t. Someway of helping me to raise intelligent, empathic, conscious adults.  You know the kind that aren’t cheeky and pick up their toys and eat all their dinner. Unfortunately, Human Design is not that system.  It can help you connect and understand the system, but as yet I have not found a way to make anyone do anything. Nor, do I encourage it.

With all things, there is a potential to be misused.  I’ll I’m sincerely asking is that what you find in my resources and blog, you use for good.  You use firstly to help yourself, your family and those closest to you. And if you have time the rest of the world.

What is the science of you?

The science of you is an experiment that helps you become yourself.  It is a way of helping you shed all the various titles, expectations, emotional baggage and conditioning that you have picked up on your way here.

If you have been feeling lost  in life, this process will help you start to feel your purpose in this world

If you feel like you have been living with multiple masks on to survive, this tool will help you to feel like you are authentically present again.

Often, by the time we reach our mid-thirties, we feel like imposters in our own bodies.  We have been trying to live a life that someone else has designed for us. Rather than one in which we can be our true selves.

You may even be in a job or a relationship and often wonder “how the hell did I end up here”.

What is conditioning?

Conditioning is a life long process which we learn to respond to things in a defined way over a certain period.  Conditioning is a learned response, which causes a person to modify their behaviour. Just like I as a parent now know that when Peppa pig hits the screens in the morning, I need to be throwing the bags into the car for school.  Behaviour can be just like this.  However, we can learn to respond to other peoples behaviours, looks and responses to situations and tame our own personality traits to fit in.

When this pattern of behaviour change happens over and over, we use it as our new default operating way. And in doing so forget who we really are deep down.

These conditioning events often come from our direct family, however in our schooling, and friendships we adopted during that period, we can also find conditioning patterns happening.

Many of us also group up with tribal behaviour patterns. Behaviours which we have adopted to be socially within the tribe.  A tribe can be growing up in a certain area, region or country, or it can be behaviours we have fostered from religious beliefs.

Trauma and traumatic events can also cause us to suppress and hide part of our being in an attempt to avoid the event happening again.  In hiding a part of ourselves, and not resolving that trauma, we can often feel like a big part of us is missing.  This can bring with it feelings of worthlessness helplessness and a sense of not being able to trust yourself.


How can understanding the Science of Me help?

Understanding how you operate puts considerable power back into your hands.  You will find that you are less reactive to situations involving other people.  You will definitely find that you overcommit less and you will find that you have more energy.

As you use the guidance of the tool, you will notice that some of the conditioning patterns you have collected growing up, fall away.  Many people report feeling calmer and less agitated and have more time for loved ones.  Using this system often has a positive effect on those around you. Certainly, as a parent of a preschooler and kindy kid, I can see the influence of my positivity and calmer emotions has on my children on a daily basis.

How does this work?

You receive a set of rules based on the time, date and place you entered the earth, and then you start to engage in life.  Your task is to go about your day to day life and start to use the rules and watch what happens.

There are 5 sets of introductory rules called strategy and another subset called authority.  Depending on your type, which we can find out from your birth details, you will have one set of guidelines to follow and experiment with! I will take more about the “rules” in later posts.

Although the rules are the same for each strategy, how you as an individual interpret and respond to them will be different. So it is important that you observe yourself and your daily interactions with others.

What happens when you use your strategy and Authority? What happens when you don’t?

The more you use the system in your daily life, the more benefit you will see from it.

You can pick up a set of your personal guidelines here.


Some people can pick up the guidance and run with it.

Others will want to dissect the whole system before they use it.

You might need a face to face chat or benefit from a group coaching course.

The thing about Human Design is it is individual and respectful of how you want to learn and engage with life.

For this reason, I have included DIY courses, online and ongoing coaching – in an attempt to assist you all!!

I hope that in my pages you can find the resources that your soul desires and that they are accessible and straight forward to use.

If you can’t please do reach out and tell me!!

From the Ocean with Love, Michelle.