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To understand yourself is to know what you are capable of.

There are many ways to turn your life around.  First up. request your free human design report.  These take a few days to create and email – but there is heaps of other free information on my youtube channel

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Books on Human Design

Below is a list of useful books which can be purchased.  They are varying levels of detail.  If you are new to human design I highly reccommend Karen Curry’s book “Understanding Human Design” to get you started.

Online Learning Community – Understanding Human Design

Understanding Human Design Community is an online resources community.  You can learn about your Human Design Type and how to use your strategy and authority.

On top of the online learning library on all the types of human design , there are monthly community classes on a range of topics on how to use your human design to optimise your health, bouncing back from burn out and using human design to assist your intuition and business.



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