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Bringing your research to life

You have an idea for clinical research but your clinical hours are too long.  You don’t have enough time outside of your clinical hours to dedicate to crafting that perfect proposal, apply for grants, and submit lengthy, complex ethics applications through local committees and governance.

You know that outsourcing would help you immensely from a time perspective – but who do you ask that you can trust to:

  • Write the proposal and grant applications
  • Submit through ethics & governance
  • Draft manuscripts  

All while understanding your niche area ?

Michelle Fitzmaurice PhD is a skilled scientific writer with a gift for understanding and crafting research documents in her own fields and yours.

Michelle has experience in ethics submissions in the Australian and UK regions. Michelle  has  background in nutrition with research experience in the areas of diabetes, non-enzymatic glycation and biomarker discovery.  Writing on a range of topics in health & wellness, Michelle also has a keen interest in emerging and obscure health fields.

Recently Michelle has been working on research which focuses on the barriers to breastfeeding from a pain and also early opportunities perspective. 

Thanks again for your support and writing skills.

You taking on these two big jobs has allowed me to stop being as stressed about something I cannot do with current clinical hours

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Michelle can help you with your research 


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