Michelle Fitzmaurice PhD RNutr

Researcher ● Speaker ● Seeker of Curious Things

Bringing your research to life

Dr Michelle Fitzmaurice is a Microbiome Researcher at UNSW Microbiome Research Centre located on the grounds of St George Public Hospital,  Sydney Australia.

Michelle is currently managing the Healthy Optimal Australian Microbiome Study and is PI on projects on breastfeeding and skin to skin contact in collaboration with a major midwifery teaching unit here in Sydney.

Before moving to Australia, Michelle completed a PhD exploring the use of glycated insulin as a novel clinical biomarker for prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.  Although in the world of the Microbiome presently, Michelle is still passionate about early diagnosis of prediabetes/ gestational diabetes, particularly prior to the overt detection of high circulating glucose levels. 

When she is not working, you will find her playing with her kids, training kung fu or kayaking on the beautiful Port Hacking River.