Are you stuck?

Been doing personal development work for a while but can't connect and apply everything you have learned? Quantum Alignment coaching helps remove the blocks and helps to connect the dots.


Do You Crave to be a Healthier You?

As a Human Design Specialist, Quantum Alignment Practitioner and Nutritionist, I can offer you a guidebook which details your unique path to a healthier life.

Human Design Course

In this welcome coaching session, you will learn about the origins of human design and a detailed introduction to your unique bodygraph.

You will come away from this session understanding how you can make decisions that are more aligned with the truth  of who you are.  You will also have a clear understanding of how your energy is affected by others and also how your energy influences the world around you.

This coaching session will last approximately 60 minutes. You will also receive a pdf copy of your chart and a recording of your coaching call.


Quantum Alignment Coaching


In an introductory session, you will dive deep into the stories that are holding you back.  During this session you will work at releasing the negative story associated with one of your resiliency keys. During the coaching, you will come away with a new and empowering narrative which will help you excel in your career, relationships, and business.

This coaching session will last approximately 60 minutes.  Many of my clients have found it empowering and trans-formative to work through a program of all 9 resiliency keys over a period of 12 weeks.  Please contact Michelle directly if this program interests you.


Nutrition By Design Coaching

Nutrition by Design is a highly tailored nutrition coaching package.  Unlike other nutrition guidance, Nutrition by Design uses novel profiling and coaching methods to get to the emotional cause of why you behave the way you do around food. 

This is not just a nutrition coaching program it is a life alignment program

The level of commitment for this program , is at least 3 months.

Applications are NOT OPEN. However we are registering names for those who wish to join the next intake.