Learning to Respond – Intensive for Generators and Manifesting Generators



Learning to Respond Intensive is a 6 week individual coaching program for Generators and Manifesting Generators

This course is for your if 
  • You already have your human design chart and you know you are a Manifesting Generator or a Generator Type.
  • You may already know that manifesting generators and generators are designed to wait for life to come at them – rather to initiate.
  • In short – you are designed to respond to things and you know what is right for you by the special noises your sacral centre makes uh huh (yes) uh uh (no).
While you have got this information – you don’t really know if you are “doing it right”, and you struggle how to make sense of all this in your business, and in your relationships.
As Human Design Specialist and a generator myself, I love going deep with other generators teaching them how to own their sacral navigation system – and so their inner power.
In this 6 week course, you will learn how to experiment with your sacral compass and learn how to use it in all aspects of your life.
In weeks 1 and 2 we introduce you to human design and the concept of response. During these weeks will will also take part in a “Sacral Session” or more if required to reactive your sacral power and reconnect you both.
In weeks 2 and 3 we work together to debug your open centres. Where needed we will use EFT and Quantum Healing techniques to facilitate this.
In weeks 4 and 5 we will focus on how to manifest as a generator or manifesting generator and debunk the “myth of the secret” for these two very special archetypes. There will also be an opportunity during these 2 weeks to focus on applications of Human Design in either your Business or Relationships.

Before you sign up for this coaching you may wish to have an introduction to human design coaching session.

If you do not have your human design chart and you are unsure if you are a generator or manifesting generator, you may request your chart here – order free human design chart.