Are you stuck?

Been doing personal development work for a while but can't connect and apply everything you have learned? Quantum Alignment coaching helps remove the blocks and helps to connect the dots.


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  • Do you feel flat, exhausted and like you are walking through honey, most days?

  • Do cancelled plans seem like more of a blessing that a disappointment?

  • Perhaps, your lack of energy is stopping you from doing the things that will help you excel in your job, or help your relationships thrive?

I know, because I felt  like that too once.  Even though I knew the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, I couldn’t seem to do it.

I was stuck in a mucky mindset that was literally sucking the energy out of me.  

Then I discovered Human Design and the Quantum Alignment System and my life changed.

I had more energy, started to exercise more, and actually started to follow my own nutrition advice- advice I have been giving to others for years.  I started to really enjoy living again and committed only to the things that lit me up and brought me joy

Imagine what it feels like to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about who or what you have to cancel because you are so physically exhausted .

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a union of multiple  ancient and esoteric philosophies and quantum physics.

It is the science of differentiation – of what makes you unique.

I use human design daily to make decisions, manage my energy and commitments.  On a longer term, I use human design in my business for planning, marketing and messaging.

Understanding your Human  Design Chart helps you identify your individual way of operating, so that you face less resistance and greater clarity of how to move forward with your life, relationships and business.

What is Quantum Alignment Coaching?

Quantum Alignment Coaching  is highly effective coaching system based on Human Design, Emotion Freedom Technique and subtle energy modalities.  This combination of techniques allow you to open up to the infinite potentials that are available to you in the quantum sea of possibilities.


Quantum alignment coaching is for you if you have already started your personal development journey but are stuck.  Even if you are consciously unaware of what is blocking you, the Quantum Alignment Method of Coaching can help to identify and release what is holding you back.  

What sets this form of coaching apart from others is how successfully and quickly you will see your behaviours change.  A key part of the process is installing a new positive story into your subconscious from which you can operate effectively from.

What is Nutrition by Design?

Nutrition by design fuses what we already know about health from science with a unique personalised profiling system called Human Design. 

Interpreting your unique Human Design helps you understand the relationship you have with yourself, and the impact that has on how and what you eat.

Please note, intakes for this program are currently closed.