In the human design system, there are four personality types.  Each of these personality types gives a set of guidelines for the person to live by.  This when used alongside your inner authority, help you make better choices in life and open you up to your authentic soul purpose.

The four personality types are:

  • Generators (including manifesting generators)
  • Manifestors
  • Projectors
  • Reflectors


Generators and manifesting generators have a defined sacral energy centre.  They have a strategy to respond to the world around them.  Almost 70% of analysed charts to date have a defined sacral centre.

Generators and manifesting generators have an open an enveloping aura that draws the world and others to them. Generators are not here to initiate action.  They are here to wait for life to come to them.

The subset of generators known as Manifesting Generators, can act somewhat like manifestors and initiate action. Their primary strategy is to respond  There is an approximate split 50/50 of generators and manifesting generators.

When a generator or manifesting generator is not living by their strategy they often feel frustrated.  When they are aligned with their personal strategy, they are more joyful beings.  Generators and manifesting generators are here to interact with the world and understand themselves.


Manifestor personality types are here to initiate generators into action.  They are creative and designed to get projects started – not necessarily finish them.  They make about around 9 % of the population. Their strategy, as adults is to inform before they take action.  As children, they are required to ask for permission before they act.  When they are not living by there strategy they are angry- by informing before acting they can avoid anger and find peace

Part of their life purpose is to learn about their impact on others.  However, this is not easy as they have a closed, repelling aura which others may find a little “off”.  Manifestors need integration with society and others if they are truly to discover their impact on others and so themselves


The Projector personality type is the teachers and guides of this world.  They are here to be successful, in their own way.  They make up approximately 20% of the population.

The strategy of a projector is to wait to be invited before they share their knowledge with others or to engage in opportunities.  If they don’t they risk not being seen or heard and end up feeling bitter and resentful.


The Reflector personality type, has no energy centres defined in their chart. They make up 1% of the population. Their strategy is to wait for one lunar cycle before making a decision.  While they are waiting out their strategy, they are trying to live a life of excitement and surprise, rather than one of disappointment.

Reflectors have an aura type that samples that of the other but is also resistant to that of the other.  When leading a life that is not aligned with strategy and so disappointment, a reflector may find that they sample energies from other peoples centres and believe them to be their own.  As a reflector becomes more aware and uses their strategy, they are better able to use their aura to sample but shield simultaneously.

Learning what your human design type is

I have the personality type of a generator. Since learning about my strategy to respond, and following it, I have found life comes to me.  I love being present and making connections with others.  When I do, Magic happens. I’ll write more about it in this blog as the time comes (it is all about timing – trust me!).

Would you like to know your human design type? Click here.

From the ocean with love, Michelle

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